Archaeological Park

Paidahuén Archaeological Park is a national monument aknowledged for this geological, archaeological and, as noted in recent years, for its winegrowing value. Paidahuén is an isolated hill located along the northern bank of the Aconcagua River in the rural town San Esteban, within close proximity to the city of Los Andes in Chile´s 5th Region.

At the top of Paidahuén, visitors may appreciate slabs of large rocks adorned with petroglyphs. Full of symbolism and mystery, these rock drawings are work of native populations dating from 450 to 1,000 years ago.

On a daily basis, student groups, tourists and academics visit Paidahuén, also known by its original name Tapihue. Visitors have expressed an interest in this type of rock art as a means to better understand the way of life of ancient civilizations, and of the significant influence of the Inca Empire in this area.

Paidahuén Archaeological Park is located within the winegrowing estates of Viña San Esteban, entity responsible for the site´s upkeep and preservation. A grant from Innova Corfo was awarded in 2012 to undertake site preparation and tour promotion, taking careful consideration for the site´s ancestral value as well as the profound sense of identity that it lends to the current local community.

The true meanings of the petroglyphs are unknown, but research has demonstrated that they were not made randomly. From the top of the hill, visitors may ponder unanswered questions while taking the natural context into consideration. Specifically, the relationship between Paidahuén hill and other peaks in the valley, the hill´s strategic positioning, and the prevalence of north-facing petroglyphs are some of the observations that can help understad the importance of this site.

We invite you to visit this beautiful place and to experience the legacy of our ancestors. Through their petroglyphs, they have left us a message, one that we must discover and interpret.

GENERAL ADMISSION: CLP $3.000 per person

Open Monday to Sunday

To register and purchase tickets:

Monday to Friday: 9:30 to 18:30 hrs.

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Contact: +56 342 482842 / 481050 ( ext. 123)

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