Tours & Tastings

Visit Viña San Esteban and find out In Situ how Aconcagua Valley´s best wines are made. Our guided tours of the vineyards and winery are not complete without a premium wine tasting in the Sales Room. The following tour packages are available:

Classic Tour

Guided tour of the vineyards and winery, ending with a Premium winetasting of 3 In Situ wines at our sales room.

Wine Taster Tour

Winery tour plus tasting of 4 Premium wines, including the Laguna del Inca blend.

Winemaker Tour

Become a winemaker and make your own wine to enjoy on special occasions. On this tour, you will learn about different grape varieties, as well as concepts and techniques for blending, and will even get to take home a bottle of your own wine.

Tours and programs available with reservation 24 hours in advance

English- Spanish Bilingual Guides

Tour hours (ref): 10:30 am / 12:30 pm / 4:30 pm 

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